Roots: Do they really matter?

roots2I recently moved into a house that requires extensive yard work. Initially a frustration, I later realized how therapeutic gardening is. While using my physical strength to pull out roots of gradually decaying trees, shrubs, and plants, I began contemplating the concept of roots. More specifically, the social, political, economical, and historical implication of roots. Digging at your roots is what keeps the mental health industry economically viable. The nuclear family unit thrives off the ideology of familial roots and how to keep an interconnectedness on a continuum even if these roots are damaging. Within the religious realm, it is predicated upon the insistence to refer back to doctrine and what was, and to re-connect to the historical and ‘spiritual’ roots of inspiring leaders/prophets.
Humans allow roots to exist which continue to deaden our existence rather than allowing something new to grow and blossom. We are often told that our roots are important but why? Songs, literature, social groups, institutions, etc. advocate for the maintenance of roots. One reason is the fear of change, movement, revolution, action, shifts in circumstances, situations, people, and so forth. By sticking to our roots, we are provided with the idea that we’re safe, secure, unharmed by anything different. This is a social myth to remain stagnate and to do nothing. It is, in fact, a form of imprisonment. This form of imprisonment hinders people from reaching their unrealized potential to be supreme entities of change in society, to be interconnected with the world, to attain levels of intelligent euphoria. What prevents this from happening is fear of newness.
Roots only matter in terms of self-actualization and social change. Coming to terms with what was, what is, and figuring what SHOULD be. How can one truly achieve that if one is prevented from doing so through the subsistence of roots, of what was? It’s simply impossible. Today, many politicians and economists rely on the comfort of referring to historical happenings in order to leverage an opposing argument on a reformed social and political system. You may have heard the saying – ‘nothing is original, so all you can do is refer to the past.’ This is, of course, inaccurate given originality can be re-birthed through the analysis of the past and the motivational autonomy of the future.
Currently, I’m still pulling out roots in my yard and some are more frustratingly rooted than others, but at the end of this project, all the roots will be gone and my flower beds will be ready to be planted anew. We are meant to dispose of roots after their worth is over, be it a season or many years, each root must give way at some point to the blossoming of another. This is the only true way to reach revelatory, significant change within oneself and the world. Pull out your roots and embrace an inversion of experiential existence.

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