Porn, Porn for Everyone! – An interpretation of the female gaze

This is not necessarily another blog post about the negative effects the porn industry is having on society. It’s not solely on the sexual objectification of womyn in the porn industry; although this is clearly a widespread, continuous issue. It’s not directly a feminist criticism of how harmful porn is towards womyn and sexuality. This post is a declaration, a proclamation, a demand for the porn industry to evolve and transform. To reflect and promote a diverse, healthy representation of womyn and sex through embracing the female gaze. This is about EROTIC INTELLIGENCE!

Pornography can be defined as “the portrayal of explicit sexual subject matter for the purposes of sexual excitement and erotic satisfaction” (wiki). However, is it truly erotic satisfaction? Mainstream porn is easily accessible. You can go to your friendly Google search engine, type in Porn and voila! Before you will be displayed a number of free porn websites you can curiously penetrate. Now, the initial perception may be the appearance of choice and difference. Don’t be fooled. There may be a colorful array of categories before your eager eyes but it’s practically the same, mundane performance.

These are some of the main characteristics of mainstream pornography:

  • Oppressive gender roles are intact.
  • Dominance and submission power relations are performed, often serving the male character.
  • ‘Dirty’ talk is necessary (Most of the time targeted at the more feminine character).
  • Lesbian sex is NOT really lesbian sex! Rather it is constructed through the heterosexual, commercialized male fantasy.
  • Male cum on the female face (Yes, I’m sure most womyn enjoy this depressingly instilled act).

I cannot stress the last characteristic enough. I don’t believe the idea of porn is the problematic issue here; rather, it’s the way it’s depicted. The subject matter and visual content not only caters to the seemingly insolent male ego and pleasure, it completely eradicates womyn out of the sexual experience. She stands alone as object. Not human. The focus is not on the whole man in most mainstream pornographic videos but on the penis. However, the penis is active, moving, exerting, spilling, procuring. The whole man is not necessary. The whole womun is exposed; yet composed of chronic emptiness.

A commercial perspective for this poignant situation is that if males are the main consumers of pornography, then we must primarily tailor the content to their virtual voyeuristic desires. I have written and researched numerous essays, articles, theories on pornography throughout my academic career and for my own personal endeavors. My inquisitive mind led me to question approximately 100 men through survey research design on what they thought about mainstream porn. These are the prevalent answers I received:

It’s an easy release, I don’t take it that seriously.

It’s one-dimensional, but it does the trick.

I don’t sexually objectify [womyn]. I’m not sure why porn videos show this frequently. Does it matter?

[Womyn] in subservient positions don’t always excite me. Sometimes I get bored watching this.

As you can see, it does not seem climatically satisfying or realistic to them. I’m not negating the idea of fantasy, a form of sexual escapism. However, that is not what is being displayed here. Why should porn be this easy, inadequate, dead-end masturbatory session? Surely, it can incorporate creative and innovative imagery and story-lines which transcends, provokes, and entices us both mentally and sexually. Most porn focuses on gender roles where womyn are usually extremely dominant or subservient. There is no complexity or intricacy in the design. Calling womyn and the occasional man a slut, dirty, a whore along with belittling the vagina to a ‘pussy’ doesn’t stimulate my emotive or cognitive self. Our minds are connected to our sexual organs. Some of the best orgasms begin and are manifested in the brain – located primarily in the hypothalamus. Sexual arousal is a mosaic phenomena. Therefore, why shouldn’t the visual stimuli be more satisfying to the mind?

I do not believe most men are particularly erotically charged by mainstream pornography. If I am wrong, then men must be universally obscene, one-dimensional, obtuse, semi-misogynistic, prosaic creatures. I choose to be optimistic.

I will now provide solutions to an essentialized issue. The porn industry needs to change in these areas:

  • Portray womyn and men as equals by implementing strategic and elicit actions. Don’t let the sex organs dictate perceived and conditioned gender roles.
  • Display diversity in an all-encompassing, healthy manner and language. Don’t continue to use words like ‘gang bang’ or ‘fucking a 18-year-old pussy.’
  • A creative, sensual, variation with a flair of intellectualism to appeal to a wider demographic. This surely would generate more revenue for the business and allow womyn to participate in consuming porn.
  • Focus on female pleasure and do it naturally.

The porn industry must attract a wider, more diverse audience by instilling creativity, intelligence, passion, and inspiration in their imagery and content. I’m not proposing a Danielle Steel novel or that porn to be interpreted exclusively through the female gaze.

I am demanding integrated, intensified, compelling, sensational, mentally stimulating, emotively triggered, raw, organic, explosive ORGASMs from viewing pornography!

P.S. Free of charge!